Lead Generation Marketing

Focus on the Final Goal

Idanfactor’s team uses top techniques to attain quality leads from different sources. Projects include daily and ongoing optimization and analysis  marketing channels that make the most of your budget and strategy.

Our experts, who specialize in different web marketing strategies, will ensure you achieve a relevant lead from each channel. Our marketing channels include organic leads from search engines, SEO, Facebook, adwords, youtube, email marketing, social network, affiliates.

How Does Our Lead Generation Marketing Work?

To implement our effective techniques and strategies, we first gain a deep understanding of your solution, analyzing the product, audience and competitors. We will build and design the messages for each marketing channel and strategy.

We develop unique assets for each marketing platform or strategy, including landing pages, social profiles, banners, websites and apps.

How about optimization and ongoing analysis, resulting in top lead generation performance for your product, technology or app?

Contact us to learn more about our effective lead generation solutions.

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