Advanced SEO Solutions

Boost Organic Ranking with Deep On-Site Changes

Comprehensive, deep SEO solutions for large-scale websites, including planning SEO strategies for the new website and analyzing current SEO status: Single page websites, social platforms, SaaS and news sites.

Behind HTML and Metatags

Our SEO solutions utilize deep technology aspects and code modifications, including SEO for ajax websites such as Javascript and angular or single-page websites.

Innovative SEO Approach

An SEO project at Idanfactor can range from planning an online platform for search engines to preparing a news portal for Google. Our projects are based on different optimization levels: Content, structure, code, mobile, performance and more. At Idanfactor, we analyze all these aspects and provide you with integrative recommendations and actions for individual aspects and for all of them together. 

Single Project Manager for All Aspects

Our search engine optimization projects are headed by a single manager who supervises different experts handling a variety of SEO aspects.

Give us a call and speak with your future SEO manager.

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