Technology Marketing

IdanFactor provides online marketing solutions for technology firms in various fields: Online solutions, Biotech, SaaS and more.

Our solutions are innovative and every project is customized for our client’s needs and budget. Services include strategy, planning, development, execution and analysis using different marketing channels.  

What Makes Us Technology Marketing Leaders ?

Technology marketing is a mixture of profession and relevant experience. Understanding technology helps sell it!

We “speak” the tech graphic language that will attract more audience to your website, mobile app or social media campaign. We know how the conversion funnel works and how to optimize it, as well as the leading blogs and news portals that will maximize your PR impact.

We are among Israel’s top-tier marketing centers, with talented experts, and vast technology experience. We will improve your performance,  get you more leads and maximize conversion rate using the latest online techniques and strategies.

If you’re looking for a focused and comprehensive solution to complete your internet marketing strategy – We are the ideal partner for you.  

Why Choose Us for Marketing your technology ?

Our solutions are  more affordable and significantly more valuable than hiring and training your own marketing personnel.

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